John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum ★★★★

Rewatch at home with the wife, who recently realized that these movies are pretty awesome.

See, I fucked up with the first John Wick. This was only a year or so into our relationship. After loving it and cackling all the way through at its hyper-violent, cartoonishly stylized fight scenes I told her it was a funny movie and we should watch it together. We did. But I set up the wrong expectations - she took 'funny' as 'comedy' and well the dozens of head shots weren't really making her laugh that night. She said "THAT WAS NOT A COMEDY" and I was like well yeah but it's funny, and she was like HOW so yeah.

When the second came out, I went with my best friend to the theater, and this ended up being the last time either of us saw a movie with just a friend because we both had kids on the way. I remember the day fondly!

So now just before this came out, I wanted to rewatch the pair. My wife was like nah I'm gonna go read in bed. She came downstairs five minutes into the first one and was hooked. Watched it, watched the second a few days later, cackled at some of the absurd violence. She got it! I was elated.

So we rewatch tonight and it's going great, she's digging it and laughing / gasping with me at some of the wild fight choreography. But then... she falls asleep because she ran like 18 miles today and is dead tired. Sigh.

Good excuse to watch it again soonish? These movies are ridiculous but the craftsmanship and obvious love put into them really elevates the experience. All three are almost as ferocious as something like The Raid, but they're also made by people in love with cinema, with aesthetic coherence, and most importantly with a sense of humor.

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