The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

Doldrums. Doldrums. Eviler than the Devil. Boredom makes men to villains, and the water goes quick, lad, vanished. The only medicine is drink. Keeps them sailors happy, keeps 'em agreeable, keeps 'em calm.

Once again laughing like an idiot and recoiling in horror throughout this hilarious mythological masterpiece. So glad I decided to revisit in my new house with my new atmos setup - the sound design here was surprisingly brilliant. Extremely active, thematically and aesthetically curated, the audio heightened the experience in a totally unexpected way, adding real sense of depth to the Promethean tableaux on screen. Dark psychedelia, pitch black laughs, hysterical violence; it's love for me. The kind of movie you drink deeply or not at all.

Scaretober 2023

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