The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

Revisit with wifey because she saw the tile on Hulu and said, I want to watch that! and I said, we did watch it when it was new, but I'm down to clown! So I went in remembering it as something fun and rough and a lot more clever than it appeared, expecting to have a good time. I did. Honestly, it's even better than that. I kept thinking about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood as another LA period piece that both lavished attention & love and a wispy satirical edge to everything about the time it portrays. This movie simultaneously stands back bemused and fully embraces its violent neo noir plot in a crying hug, handling that rare knife-edge tone I thrive on, but rarely get to enjoy. The death and loss here matters, but it's also kind of hilarious. This has got to be Shane Black's best movie.

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