Annabelle ★★★½

I really enjoy the beginning part of this film, I think it’s the scariest moments of the film, we get some real shocking, horrific moments. We see this insane woman and her boyfriend enter the house of the main couple’s house, and they try murder the couple. We see them stab the belly of the pregnant woman which is just terrifying to see. There is an intense struggle and fight between both couples, which changes everything in the film. We see the spirit of the crazy woman enter the new doll as it tries to take over the soul of the new born daughter. 

The film has some really thrilling moments with some jump scares, the classic shadow’s and figures behind people as well as the classic horror music. This was all done fairly well and didn’t feel overdone. The story progresses as the family struggles to stay together due to everything that has happened, which is realistic. 

The ending of the film is a little over the top and dramatic, the people make terrible decisions and this drops the level of the film. 

Overall I would rate this film a 3 and a 1/2 ⭐️ it is a solid horror film and is a nice introduction too the possessed doll Annabelle. It also sets up the future Conjuring movies well, therefore I would recommend this film. 

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