Eternals ★★★

The Eternals is the latest movie in the ever growing MCU franchise, despite being so many films, this one is very unique and still offers variety in some aspects compared to the rest of the MCU. The movie introduces us to multiple new characters, known as (you guessed it)….. the Eternals. This movie has a really good cast, with the likes of Angelina Jolie, Gemma Chan, Salma Hayek, Don Lee and many more. Richard Madden is my favourite out of the cast, he gives such a great performance as usual, and I liked the cameo appearances from Kit Harrington, I just wish he was in the movie more. A great cast member was Harish Patel, who plays a comedic role in the movie, making me laugh pretty much every time he is on screen. Other than him being on screen this movie, tries a little too hard with the comedy, and quite a lot of it fell short, especially compared to some of the other recent marvel movies.

The Eternals are basically these God’s who have been sent too another planet by the Sylestrial, as they have been placed there to complete a mission which has lasted thousands of years. The Eternals have to decide weather to stick with there jobs or weather to go against what they have been told, this is a good plot and creates alot of conflict and dilemmas between the Eternals. I liked some of the character interactions and felt like they brought some good entertaining on the screen. The movie definitely did not feel like a marvel movie, as it was darker and more gritty, reminding me more of a DCEU movie which was interested they went that route. 

I liked the script with some of the good references to the past of the MCU, and Kit Harrington’s character in particular asked some of the questions you would be thinking if you were a human, and you have learned about these God’s living in your planet. I think the action was some what good, however it is nothing we haven’t seen before, and the ending just turned into a massive CGI battle. I did however really enjoy the visuals and the special effects were done really well, so I do think that Chloe Zhao as the director did a decent job. 

Overall I’d rate this movie a 3 ⭐️ it is not a bad movie, but when I compare to other Marvel movies; I do feel like this is much weaker unfortunately. The film is also abit too long and things are built up too slowly. 

Let me know your thoughts on this movie if you have seen it. 

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