Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★½

The last of the MCU movies, I feel like this should have been the start of phase 4 rather than as part of phase 3 non the less it’s a good movie, I’ve not read any of the comics so I was unaware of Mysterio  going into the film. I really enjoy the twist in the film I think it’s well done and did create a shocking moment and atmosphere when I watched this, as you can see his power and if he utilises it, he’s a tough villain to stop. I think Jake Gylenhall was great casting as he’s one of my favourite actors so I enjoyed him coming into the MCU. He also does a good job in the film, his motives along side his group are clear although they are abit similar to the Vulpture from the first Spider-Man homecoming movie. There is a lot of light comedic moments particularly from the teachers in the school trip they were both had funny  dynamics, Ned, Michelle and Betty were also good side characters as Peter’s friends. This film also included Samuel L Jackson playing Fury which was nice too see as he’s looking out for the future again, after Endgame although the end credits scenes make you feel otherwise. Peter’s whole dilemma between being a normal lad his age and taking on the role of Iron Man weighed heavy all over him throughout the film and in the end he makes the correct decision. Jon Favreau did another excellent job being Peter’s body guard and looking out for him making sure he is okay, he brought a lot of comedic moments in the film with his dialogues and sense of humour. The credits scene could potentially highlight a lot about what will happen for the future of the MCU and in particular Peter 

Overall I’d rate this a 3 and a 1/2 ⭐️ film there was some mice moments, a lot of good comedy thrown in there but my favourite parts was when they focused on how Peter feels about Iron Man and their relationship which was nice too see. It is a fun movie and the CGI is excellent it makes it looks like a really interesting colourful action packed movie, with a nice light tone. 

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As it’s the last MCU film on my rewatch, please let me know what you think of my MCU ranking list and comment what you would change, and what you agree with.

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