The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★

The lighthouse was directed by Robert Eggers and was released in 2019. The movie stars Willem Dafoe and Robert Patterson. 

The movie is set in a remote island, Ephraim Winslow arrives as a lighthouse keeper and assists his elderly supervisor, Thomas Wake. As days pass Winslow is haunted by strange, and mysterious visions. 

The movie has received lots and lots of praise so I decided to give it a watch and see what all the hype was about. The movie is in black and white and the good costume designs make the movie feel like it was set in the early 1900’s. The movie has some great cinematography and sets the atmosphere of the movie really well, the music in the movie is great also and builds up the tension of the movie. However I just disliked some aspects of the movie, I unfortunately wasn’t entertained in the slow pace and some of the interactions between Winslow and Wake made me loose  interest. I agree that both actors do excellent jobs in the movie at conveying emotions and going through all of these psychological issues throughout the film, although it wasn’t action packed or as thrilling what I hoped for. The movie has lots of interesting messages or takeaways which can be thought about or received differently depending on the individual’s thought process.  

Overall I’d rate this movie a 3 ⭐️ I enjoyed certain aspects of the movie, the music, cinematography was all great, however the entertainment fell a little short in my eyes unfortunately. 

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