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  • Togo



    "Are we to fear ice now?"

    Undoubtedly a very particular breed of film, the overly sentimental Disney dog movie, though surprisingly Togo executes this formula exceptionally well with a captivating visual language and whelmed by a strong leading performance from Willem Dafoe.

    Cinematography is quite fantastic through. A very clear example of a movie directed by its cinematographer as the visuals of Togo have a precise and wholistic approach. Low angle, sparse empty frame, extreme soft focus. At times of…

  • The One and Only Ivan

    The One and Only Ivan

    "I'm the one and only Ivan"

    A desperately cloying talking animal Disney movie, immediately so overly sentimental and manipulative that very quickly it becomes like a warm sappy drone. Admittedly I entered into the film having seen the promotional material and anticipating something funny-bad, though I left having experienced something numbingly boring. There's no more flowery or articulate way of putting it, The One and Only Ivan has really drudging and at times bizarre pacing, inherent to the premise the…

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  • The Red Turtle

    The Red Turtle


    The Red Turtle could have been named amongst some of the greatest animated movies ever made had it ended approximately 40 minutes in. What was at one point an intensely emotional and profound exploration of human resilience and our conflict with nature, almost at once completely goes to trash at the introduction of a second character.

    (As it happens midway through the film this could be considered a spoiler however what I am going to discuss as the downfall of…

  • Harakiri



    Film Club May 24th - May 26th

    "but in a world of peace there is no hope"

    Simply excellent doesn't begin to cover how magnificent Harakiri is. Nearly flawless in both story telling and visuals, Masaki Kobayashi 1962 classic deserves no less than to be called a masterpiece.

    An ex-warrior, Hanshiro Tsugumo (Tatsuya Nakadai) seeks admittance into a house in order to commit Harakiri (the act of committing suicide by self-inflicted disembowelment). While waiting to commit the act, he tells…