Before Midnight

Before Midnight

Pensive and reflective...until it explodes in a fiery ball of anger and passion, which had been simmering below the surface for quite some time. A masterful third installment that really delves into the life chosen by the chosen couple - what their experience has been, is now and will continue to be, caught in a crossroad in their life they must navigate together, or face the consequences.

As much as I loved the film aesthetic of the previous installments, the digital photography is incredibly effective in moving the third installment into the later stages of life, reflecting our simultaneous passage of time in the “real world”. The framing throughout is expertly done - especially during the hotel room scene -  and MY GOD THE WRITING!!! And AGAIN, THE ACTING!!!

The ONLY thing this film was missing was a quick montage of the couple from the previous two films at the very end. Normally I’d be opposed to getting that sentimental, but in this case I think it would have been earned to really highlight the passage of time, considering the unique set-up of these films. Now, if they’re planning a fourth adaption and save the montage for that...I’ll retract my statement. 

Absolutely probably my new favorite threesome of movies. What an amazing trilogy.

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