The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time

I’ve been surprised to see reviews lamenting the movie as slow, when I thought no such thing. I thought this mosaic of intertwining lives was plenty riveting. Generations are covered in this Magnolia-style drama, where the devil lies all the time in people who’d like to make you think otherwise. 

It’s one of those meditative, novel-type movies where the mediums are used equally - words and pictures both given emphasis. Despite this, the storybook structure allows for shocking payoffs throughout each explored storyline. 

The cast lived up to the immense expectations. This is the best work I’ve seen Tom Holland do; he really showed his chops here, struggling with the internal rage and conflict inside him. Robert Pattinson was excellent of course. Bill Skarsgard was so good I became upset when our time with him on screen was finished, and Harry Melling proves his foray into film post-Potter with the Coen Bros (still haven’t seen Lost City of Z) was no one-off. That guy is a tremendous talent, his work on the stage before coming back to screen shining through in a big way. 

The cinematography isn’t flashy, but very down to earth and looks beautiful. The 35mm film was gorgeous.

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