Scream ★★★★★

Pretty much THE horror/comedy! As gut-busting as it is gut-ripping, as clever as it is cleaving, as bloody as it is brilliant! 

This is another one of those films so held in high-regard by so many even outside the film-loving community, that it’s hard to come up with much original in the way of praise, so I’ll just say this is that rare film that even rewatching it, it feels crazy just HOW MUCH this took the world by storm, yet everyone behind and in front of the camera approach the material with so much confidence, that it feels like all involved glimpsed into the future and saw just how influential and acclaimed it would become! 

Also probably Craven’s best-looking film; his visual sense never really graduated beyond higher-budget, pre-Game-of-Thrones HBO, but Mark Irwin’s camerawork here gives “Scream” a truly cinematic look with great staging for laughs and stabs.

And one other note, I’m surprised Neve Campbell hasn’t achieved the same level of career as other female horror icons like Sigourney Weaver or Jamie Lee Curtis outside of this series; she’s not only very beautiful and a great actress, but seems like a great human being outside of film, yet hasn’t had anything really of note outside of this and the sequels. Starting it here: #NeveCampbellforKnivesOut3

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