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  • 8½
  • You're Sleeping Nicole
  • In the Mood for Love
  • High and Low

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  • Prisoners of the Ghostland


  • Malignant


  • Anatomy of a Murder


  • Born Pisces


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  • Anatomy of a Murder

    Anatomy of a Murder


    A positively acidic meditation on the nature of filmmaking transposed into and projected onto the material space of a court room. Anatomy of a Murder slyly emulates the structural beats of the Hollywood playbook and finds a structural equivalent in the legal drama. The film employs a basic underdog structure – here, a self-identifying "country lawyer", allegedly content with the simple pleasures of fishing and piano-playing, is pitted against a powerful prosecutor from Lansing for what seems to be a…

  • The Trouble with Being Born

    The Trouble with Being Born


    Conceptually confused, helplessly contrived, and lacking the inclination to get its hands dirty with a proper working-through of the material (stretched unbelievably thin here), a subsequent organisation of the resulting questions, and their transposition into corresponding filmic language, The Trouble with Being Born never hones in on a sujet with any real conviction, neither succeeding as meditation on the sociopractical use cases and ethical implications of a household A.I., nor as examination of trauma brought to light by the protean…

Popular reviews

  • Phoenix



    "Speak low, darling, speak low."

    A defaced Holocaust survivor returns to Berlin and is aching to start the search for her husband. Petzold is on top of absolutely everything here. Every frame, every cut, every word spoken is in concord to enrapture the eye and mind. And yet, the film remains tactfully quiet, shockingly quiet. Petzold doesn't rely on history to bestow the film with grandeur but instead opts to show and leave out the right things. Fromm, in turn,…

  • Where Is My Friend's House?

    Where Is My Friend's House?


    An almost Dickensian quest of a young boy for decency and moral integrity. Trying to return a notebook to a friend who is in danger of getting expelled, Ahmed not only embarks on a journey that feels 'right' and necessary, he also escapes the chores distracting him from his homework and the deaf ears of his mother for his plea. He finds seemingly the last few shreds of agency that adults will grant their youngest as part of his investigation,…