Lupin III: The First

Lupin III: The First ★★★½

How lucky was I to see this in the theater! It felt so comfy, like a Saturday morning cartoon. This is coming from someone who’s known of Lupin as a cultural staple, but not at all really invested personally. The dazzling animation is what brought me in first and foremost, and boy, does it deliver.

The plot is incredibly simple, but the characters and the set pieces are strong, which pair those two with the animation style this is going for and it makes for some beautiful sequences. The music is also unreal, like it brought so much life to the film.

However, felt I would have enjoyed it more had I seen it in the original Japanese sub instead of the English dub. The voiceover isn’t *bad* per say, but I don’t know. It felt awkward in such a buttery smooth film otherwise. That, and my theater just didn’t calibrate the projector right? So like it was slightly cut off on the sides, and boy was that annoying as hell. Though in hindsight, if I were to watch it in the sub with that problem it’d have been unwatchable. Eh, can’t win em all.

But David Lynch as the villain? How could you not love this.

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