The Cremator ★★★★

TCM Marathon with my Grandma at the Hospital: Film #2 
Okay, this is probably one of the worst possible films to watch at a hospital, cemented heavily in its nihilistic existentialism, creating a dark vision of WWII where “Death is the liberation of the soul” and “The Angel of Death takes his toll.” (As you may have guessed, cremation is also quite glorified here, as “cremation is humane and rids people of the fear of death.” Of course it does.) The Cremator is a brutal, uncompromising deconstruction of death that is unforgivable, and yet, this is what makes it so atmospherically hypnotic and deeply, deeply unsettling. Humanity’s obsession with the macabre allure of death and bloodshed has never waned, and The Cremator is solid proof of such. I won’t be forgetting that final act anytime soon. (Also, fuck Nazis.)

P.S. Sorry grandma, I didn’t know there were going to be so many topless women in this one. The glares she gave me.... TCM SAID TV-PG, OKAY? I’M SORRY.

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