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  • Spacy


    Takashi Ito is one of my favorite filmmakers, and this is perhaps is most famous work, a short film that accomplishes, with seemingly few resources, what amounts to an experience that exponentially expands time and space, and makes an otherwise mundane moment feel like the infinite. 
    It does have a hypnotic way of warping space and time that can feel almost dizzying and confusing, but this is ultimately to the benefit of the work. I love in particular how…

  • Four Flies on Grey Velvet

    Four Flies on Grey Velvet


    This is a film that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it is an example of enthralling style transcending the narrative substance, and in a way that is defiant and excellent. And at the same time, there are moments where the narrative resonates with deep emotional impact and even tragedy. This is why this film is a brilliant masterpiece for me, and arguably the best of the “Animal Trilogy” for me. Mimsy Farmer’s performance in particularly is tonally…

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  • Manila in the Claws of Light

    Manila in the Claws of Light


    If this does not blow your mind by the film’s closing seconds, I don’t know what else to say.  Just watch it.  Believe me, it is a masterpiece.  I just watched it for the first time, without much knowledge of the cinema of the Philippines, and I am numb and my senses are fried.  This is a powerful and shocking work, with a killer musical score.

  • Mahjong



    I did not think it was possible, but could I have seen an Edward Yang film that surpasses the magnificence of Yi Yi?  Though I am not yet sure, it is quite possible with this film, which, like all of Yang’s films, propels us into the world without any bearings or information.  We are here to fend for ourselves and try to discern who is who in this tableau of characters, populated by people like Red Fish and Lun Lun…