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  • Dracula 2000

    Dracula 2000


    I have no idea what propelled me to revisit this after two decades. Maybe it was the the cast, maybe because Patrick Lussier directed it, or maybe it's because of the soft spot I have for Dimension Films (more on that later). I always remembered this being a silly, but fun romp of a horror film. It's definitely outdated, it's execution of certain aspects are questionable, and it's also definitely an ad for Virgin Records. But, if I'm being honest…

  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984


    I’m not sure what’s funnier. Gal Gadot’s hilariously awful line delivery or the fact a WB/DC exec read this script and went “You know what, this is acceptable”.

    At least I got to see Lynda Carter again.

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  • Zodiac



    The Directors Series-Part I: The David Fincher Retrospective
    "I'm not the 'Zodiac'. Even if I was, I certainly wouldn't tell you."

    I once knew someone who said this film was boring. I don't talk to that person anymore. This is the first time I have seen this film in about four years and It has held up quite well, in fact better. My rating for this got bumped up pretty as well.

    David Fincher's Zodiac tells the story about one…

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    "I'm so sick of being picked apart by women."
    This review reportedly contains spoilers.

    Prior to seeing this film, almost two to three months in advance, I was preparing myself for the film by reading the novel by Gillian Flynn, who also happens to be the screenwriter. I rarely do this, and if I do, I usually do it after the film adaption has come out. Anyways, I wasn't a fan of the novel, I didn't really find it entirely…