Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★★

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Friday The 13th Part III takes everything that was so great about Part 2 and kicks it up a few more notches resulting in one hell of an entertaining slasher.

What I love most about Part III is how Jason continues to lurk in the background, spending most of his time in the barn, despite the fact that we've seen him already. It continues to play up the fact that Jason is a menacing figure only showing glimpses of his body. Merely glimpses until we see him step onto that pier in badass wide angle glory wearing the hockey mask.

Much like Part 2, Part III really begins to rack up the tension and body count in the final thirty-forty minutes, giving us some stellar kills and outstanding Make-Up SFX work. Of course, this all leads to the final showdown between Jason and this films final girl, Chris, played excellently by Dana Kimmell. Whereas the showdown between Jason and Ginny from the previous film spanned across Packanack and the woods, here it's a much smaller setting leaving no option but to fight back for Chris. Oh, and she does. She stabs him, breaks a stack of wood over his head, hangs him and then finally slams an axe right in his head. I think Chris just might be favorite final girl in all of Friday The 13th. Despite suffering from a prior traumatic incident, she still puts up valiant fight against the man behind the mask, even if it breaks her.

I definitely enjoyed the characters much more this time around. Some of the obvious standouts going to the biker gang, whom I wish there was more of. Specifically, Fox (Gloria Charles) who is just awesome despite short screen time. I also really love the stoner characters of Chuck and Chili (David Katims and Rachel Howard, respectively).

The use of the 3D is really bad and consists of nothing more than objects being pointed obnoxiously at the screen. A clothesline pole, a snake, a baseball bat, Chuck passing a joint (okay, this elicited a chuckle from me), Shelly tossing his wallet at the damn camera, that fucking yoyo, fucking juggling and popcorn popping at the fucking camera. Some of the cooler 3D moments would have to be Jason slamming the axe down Andy's crotch as he walks on his hands, the speargun scene, probably the most classic moment and Chris walking towards Jason, facing the camera and slashing at him. Granted, I watched this in 2D, some of these intended 3D moments are just laughably bad and then few are quite good.

Having said all of that, Friday The 13th Part III continues to play to the strengths set by the previous film and it more than delivers. It's campy & corny at times, atmospheric & frightening, and is one the most satisfactory horror sequels ever.

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