I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★½

i can’t believe this is the first time i’m seeing this film. margot baby i’m so sorry you didn’t get the oscar. 

so first, the things i loved about it:
1) the score / soundtrack was the first thing i noticed and WOW it was so good. my favourite part in regards to the score was at the very end around the olympics scene. INCREDIBLE.
2) the cinematography and the colours were just fantastic, like the film looked beautiful.
4) the costume design. oh wow. when i looked at the actual costumes tonya harding wore versus the ones in the film, it was astounding how accurate they were.
5) i knew the acting was going to be good; i mean margot and allison were both nominated for many awards. but wow i was truly blown away. margot
is, of course, the standout but there were so many other wonderful performances. (also tonya calling jeff pretty at the beginning. i felt that. sebastian i love you)
6) last thing: any film that includes the chain by fleetwood mac on the soundtrack is a GODSEND.

okay, now for the one complaint i have with the movie:
1) the first hour and 20 minutes of i, tonya is absolute perfection. but, after “the incident” happens, i noticed that it started to drag out and get a little boring for me. the buildup to the incident was great, as i said, but then there’s about 20 minutes of low energy and lack of excitement. i think was still shot really well and the colours still looked great, but until the action picked up again i was a little disappointed with how it dragged after the incredible first half!

overall, i absolutely loved i, tonya. i still can’t believe i didn’t watch it sooner since i’m so far up margot’s ass BUT ANYWAY THIS IS GOING ON MY FAVOURITES LIST YUUUP

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