After Hours

After Hours ★★★★½

Film No. 41 of: CineMania I- The December Challenge
The Unseen Films by Great Directors Project-First Round

Oh Marty.
I love you in the most non-sexual way possible.
You, along with Darren Aronofksy are my two favorite directors.

I have yet to see a film by you that I did not like.
Is it even in you to make a bad film?

Oh, and on a side note, if you can make one more film with Pesci and De Niro that would be great.


Anyway, After Hours feels in some way like a Scorsese film, and in some way not.

It feels like a Scorsese film because it shows his love for New-York.
His talent at creating funny, incredibly black comdies, like The King of Comedy.
And he simply knows how to directors such good films.

After Hours is basically the most nightmarish night a man could ask for.

It starts off so well, and just goes down from there.

Paul Hackett meets a good looking woman at a diner.
He calls her, she invites him over.
They start to talk, she seems to like him. He might get lucky tonight.
She starts to show her true self (or is it?). She is pretty crazy.
He leaves her.
Now his road to hell starts.

How much misfortune can a man have in one night?
Appereantly a lot.

This was such a funny film, but in the same way you feel so sorry for Paul. You never want to be in his place.

The direction is great, the acting is great, the script is funny and terrific.

Extra credit for Scorsese for having one of the funniest cameos in film.

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