Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Close Encounters of the Third Kind ★★★★★

Mashed potato anyone? Spielberg's Close Encounters is a different breed to almost every other alien visitation film, they don't want to enslave us, eat us, or steal our resources. They want to communicate, to study us, to enlighten us, to play us lovely music that you end up playing in your head over and over again for days, weeks, years. Close Encounters features all the elements that have appeared numerous times in Spielberg's films over the years. From Dreyfuss's Roy Neary abandoning his family to the facial close-ups at key moments, from John Williams's incredible score and the cinematography with particular emphasis on lighting, these are what makes a Spielberg film a Spielberg film. Vilmos Zsigmond won the Oscar for cinematography for his work on this, another one the Academy got right for once. This movie is certainly one that builds to a proper crescendo and those final thirty minutes leave me gaping with my mouth open every time. Can't imagine why I only gave this four stars before?

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