Fight Club

Fight Club ★★★★½

Fight Club manages to be both provocative and also highly amusing in equal measure. Where it sets itself apart from the rest is that satirical, subversive edge that makes us question what we hold dear. Materialism is ripped to shreds, replaced by a nihilistic angst, that when you break it down makes more sense that it should. Chuck Palahniuk's imaginative novel gave David Fincher just what he was looking for, another chance to fuck with our heads and stir up controversy. Accused of glamorizing violence, this does seem to attract a mainly male following, but when Ed Norton and Brad Pitt are as mesmerizing as they are here, it doesn't really matter. It's a dark and brooding headfuck of a movie, one that seems to get more relevant as the years go by. It also managed to put me off Ikea for life, and we'll never buy soap from an artisan vendor ever again.

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