Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★

Have you ever bought a movie and been excited about it but put off watching it for fear of disappointment? I've had Frances Ha for a couple of months now and with overwhelmingly positive reviews constantly trickling through my activity stream things looked good for Noah Baumbach's latest. Then Adam's review came and my confidence in this film wavered a little. Now I don't agree with everything Adam writes (Elizabethtown is a winner), but he rarely steers you wrong and I've valued his opinion since I joined LB. However after my wife loved Lola Versus and I thoroughly enjoyed The Squid & The Whale, we thought we'd give this a shot.
Frances Halliday drove me to distraction. So unfocused, so aimless, almost irritating. Was she selfish? Did she push her friends away? The "I love you" bollocks got on my nerves as quickly as her dancing did, and although I didn't entirely hate it, I had trouble relating to her or her problems. My father-in-law worked at Saddler's Wells Theater in London and got us tickets for several of the contemporary dance companies, and I unfortunately just didn't get it. Dance it seems is another one of those cultural things that is beyond me and Gerwig never convinced me with her theatrics either. Are there really people in New York like this? I'd also read of the comparisons made to that tv show, Girls, something that also made me nervous. Reading some of the reviews, it appears there are many people in the Big Apple like this, and I do feel a bit of a chump when I don't like what everyone else seems to love, but a lot of this just annoyed me. The dinner party scene, the incessant moaning about money and the whole undateable shit got on my tits. She's tall, blonde, and fairly good looking, WTF.
There was however the odd great scene. In years to come I'm sure the running down the New York street to Bowie will be as iconic as shots from some of Woody's odes to the city. I really wanted to like this. Gerwig I think is a pretty good actress, but both this and her role in Lola Versus seemed strangely similar. I expect I may get some shit for this, but I just didn't feel the love for this that so many did and it's probably my loss.

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