Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★

First things first, the 3-D effects in this film are truly awful, even for 1982 I'd have been throwing popcorn at the screen if I'd seen it in the theatre. This one begins right where the last one left off, with Jason quickly dispatching a store owner and his annoying wife, before heading back towards his old stamping ground. Having now seen a couple of these, I knew just what to expect, but given that the 3-D angle should have given the director Steve Miner a plethora of ideas, especially either with the kills or indeed the nudity, his imagination let him down on this occasion as nothing was particularly impressive?

There's the odd surprise, Rick getting his head crushed and his eye popping out was pretty good, but this is famously the film where Jason finally donned his signature hockey mask. We get a bit of variation on the kills front, a spear-gun, a pitchfork, even a fire-poker, and although this is typical slasher fare, the acting is even lamer than you'd expect. I hated them all, I hated the bikers, and the chubby prankster, I just couldn't wait for him to die, I could definitely be described as being on Team Jason. This is also the film where Jason's indestructability comes to the fore, and despite that closing scene where big Jas is shown lying in the barn, we know he's just pretending on the pre-tense that there just might be some nudity in this one, which there sadly wasn't!

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