Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore ★★★

Adam Sandler has his fans. He has his money and fame and a production-line of movies that make your IQ drop. He has on occasion though made a couple of decent films. "Punch Drunk Love" is without doubt a career high-water mark and along with this golf parody film remains his finest achievement.
Happy Gilmore takes a juvenile approach to ripping the piss out of the world of golf. A silly story about a dreadful ice-hockey player who discovers an ability for golf, this sees Sandler upset the apple-cart with his controversial antics on the pro-golf tour. Attempting to save grandma's house from the IRS, this has Sandler doing it for all the right reasons but single handedly both wrecking the sport and raising its profile. Golf has been up it's own arse for many years. Waiting lists for membership and a snooty superiority over the masses, golf had it coming and Sandler delivers with a real dig at a sport that takes itself just a little too seriously. (I play golf by the way, I've seen it for myself)The humor is very infantile with some laugh out loud moments especially the Pro-Am fight with Bob Barker that was a bolt from the blue. Funny in spats, cringeworthy in others, it's still a lot of fun but can't detract from the fact that this guy has done more harm to cinema than McDonald's has to the cattle population.

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