Once ★★★½

Recommended this by letterboxd JIM DREW . As advised by JIM DREW'S review and the fact this is one of their favourite films I looked forward to a surprising unknown gem . He wasn't wrong as this film has some great music sung by real singers who really can sing. Glen Hasard was familiar to me from The Commitments and from his band The Frames but I was impressed by the musical diversity contained in this film. Margeta Irglova has a lovely voice and as a partnership they had something very special. An Academy award winner for best original song back in 2007 for "Falling Slowly" this is a film I totally missed on release and on DVD.
Basically an unconsummated love story this tells the tale of an Irish busker who meets and falls for a kindred spirit in the shape of a big-issue and flower seller from the Czech Republic simply known as "the girl" in the cast credits. Cue many opportunities to perform and record a collection of really intimate personal songs from them both.
A lovely little film thanks for the recomendation

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