Religulous ★★★

There are times when I laugh at things that I really shouldn't. I've always tried to have an open mind when it comes to other people's religious beliefs, except Scientologists who must be fucking nuts, but the way Bill Maher dissects Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Mormonism, and those people with the pesky Thetans inside them is both funny and a little cruel. The real secret to all religions is FAITH, most believers in all types of religion don't require proof or ancient texts to fortify their beliefs, they simply have faith. Don't get me wrong, Maher makes some great points, but ridiculing someone for those beliefs is offensive and tantamount to religious bigotry or bullying. Shamefully, I enjoyed this, it's not as funny or as quotable as Kevin Smith's Dogma, possibly the pinnacle of piss-takes when it comes to religion-baiting, but there are some funny moments here that will linger. That Jesus Land was awful, and the Holocaust-denying Rabbi he wouldn't let finish his sentences was a crazy piece of film. It just goes to show that religion causes more harm than it has ever done good, and I'm probably going to Hell.