The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games ★★½

My one and only time I watched this back in 2012, I wasn't that impressed. It had potential for greatness which has since saw the franchise blossom over the last three years with three sequels raking in the cash as well as decent reviews. With the last film due in the cinema imminently, I thought I might give it another go.
The Hunger Games has been a phenomenon, both as a book and as a film franchise, but this first chapter in the story still doesn't entirely convince me. I still had the same issues. Not violent enough, for a young adult film it isn't sexy enough either, and at times I found it just a little dull. Jennifer Lawrence is great though, she embodies the character of Katniss, and I actually have read the first book and she has been translated well to the big screen, but the rest of it lacks conviction. I said in an earlier review that maybe I was too old for this one and had expected too much, or simply an Americanised version of Battle Royale, so maybe it's just me. A lot of it works, and there are some interesting performances tucked in among the social commentary on class division and inequality. Again Stanley Tucci impresses alongside Woody, but it all seems too diluted to truly convince as anything other than a watered-down mix of other finer films.

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