The Ides of March

The Ides of March ★★★★

Gosling,Clooney,Giamati,and Philip Seymour Hoffman star in this excellent political drama. A cast to die for give their all for director Clooney in a thoroughly convincing primary campaign. Clooney is the congressman attempting to gain the Democratic party nomination aided by veteran campaign manager Hoffman and Gosling a media savvy young whizzkid.
The just of the story is how politicians can throw away their credibility and integrity in exchange for political acceptance and help in the murky world of U.S politics. Clooney is the squeaky clean congressman with a secret that makes him easy to manipulate. Gosling as the idealistic junior campaign manager makes the mistake of being flattered by an opponents invitation to join their campaign and the trouble starts there.Sex scandals,abortions and suicide threaten to derail Clooney's quest for power. Double dealing and inducements ensue in a complex myriad of political intrigue. A thought provoking film that makes U.S politics look dirty and shameful.

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