The Ides of March

The Ides of March ★★★★

American politics have been littered with controversy and dirty tricks for many years now. From the rumors of JFK's infidelity with Marilyn Monroe to Nixon's criminal activity during Watergate, there have been many instances where sleaze and impropriety have taken precedent over real political issues. The movies have of course dramatized many of these actualities and when it comes to political intrigue movies based on real events and people do fairly well. This George Clooney directed film is an adaptation of the play Farragut North which again shows the backhanded political system that leaves a nasty taste in the mouth with its morally repugnant view of American politics.
Ryan Gosling arguably leads the pack here despite the presence of several big names. Clooney, Seymour Hoffman, Giamatti, Jeffery Wright, and Marisa Tomei all bring class to a production that is dialogue heavy giving everyone the chance to do what they do best. Some of the scenes are electrifying, Seymour Hoffman especially makes it all look so effortless, but this is an ensemble film that warrants respect. It does have the odd lull in the proceedings, but there's not a single moment when at least one of the big guns isn't knocking it out of the park. It's sleazy, it's dirty, and it shows the two faces of politics in all its grubbiness. One done it in front of the camera, the other behind closed doors.

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