The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

Few films released in 2016 will have quite the chemistry between the leads as in Shane Black's wildly entertaining black comedy. Ryan Gosling and Russell who ate all the pies Crowe conjure up something that has laugh out loud moments interspersed with violence, more fucks than a half price brothel, and a snappy script courtesy of Mr Black. The seventies setting works a treat and allowed Crowe to bring his own clothes to the set, and the question of whether Gosling had any help with his depiction of the drunken P.I. is something only he and Crowe will know for sure. It's that Seventies aesthetic and that L.A. vibe of pornography, vice, and lewdness that brings Black's film to life alongside two very good turns from his leading men. Two fuck-ups have rarely made for such a perfect partnership on screen, and for Crowe to get upstaged by the young Canadian must have been fun for him when he witnessed the final result. At times hilarious, mostly courtesy of Gosling's perfect comic timing, this derserved to be a bigger hit that the lukewarm box office numbers would suggest. Oh and on a side note, I saw, met, and had my picture taken with a stripper called Miss Rocky Mountains in a club in Webster, Massachusetts. Her thing was popping bottles of Budweiser between her tits to show how big they were......good times.

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