The Social Network ★★★★½

Jesse Eisenberg nails Zuckerberg to a tee as the manipulative but brilliant computer geek game-changer. Without a iota of interest in Facebook this film captivated me from the very start.
Genius is often flawed. Here it is. Fincher makes Zuckerberg look like a total knob-end between the legal bullshit surrounding his "invention" and his obvious "god" complex. Only the Winklevoss twins look bigger cunts than Zuckerberg in a Harvard world of money and privilege. A riveting story told brilliantly and scripted to perfection by Aaron Sorkin this is the most accessible of Fincher's work.Not the best. But the least dark and violent. Still prefer Se7en, Fight Club and especially Zodiac. P.S. Still won't be joining Facebook.

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