The Social Network ★★★★★

Mark Zuckerberg may well be a cunt. David Fincher without doubt paints an unflattering picture of the loathsome billionaire who seemed to shaft everyone he ever envied in his quest for fame. Did he really steal the Winklevoss's idea? Certainly paid them enough in damages to shut the fuck up though?
Fincher's film has some of the best dialogue of recent years and with a cast that delivers Aaron Sorkin's script with stunning fluency, the pace and flow of the movie never lets up for a minute. Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield are tremendous in their respective roles and with Arnie Hammer making the Winklevie look like a right pair of cocks, the geekdom factor gets raised considerably. A movie that does a brilliant job of recreating the gestation of a world changing idea and the man charged with inventing it, this did get slated by Zuckerberg himself who stated that the only thing they got right was his wardrobe. Well he would say that wouldn't he?
Harvard? You can stick it up your arse. Facebook? Likewise, but this film is an astonishingly accomplished look at a global phenomenon and the people who started it all off. Sorkin is without doubt a genius and in the hands of a storytelling master like Fincher, this remains a personal favorite.

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