War Dogs ★★★

When a country spends approximately $598 billion dollars a year on defence, there's going to be many greedy fingers sticking into that pie for a piece of the action. Todd Phillips' biographical black comedy about a couple of hustlers who wanted to be arms dealers is actually a lot funnier than I thought it would be. It takes Jonah Hill playing essentially the same over-the-top numpty from The Wolf of Wall Street, money-hungry with no moral centre, he really is Donnie Azoff without the silly teeth. Hill's Efraim Diveroli is an ambitious and enterprising young man who stumbles upon the idea of bidding for arms contracts from the US Military and making a fortune. When he ropes in his former childhood buddy David Packouz to help, things quickly go turbo as they land a huge contract to supply Berettas to the Iraqi Police. As expected it gets complicated, and with lies, deceit, and plain old bullshit leading them to deliver the weapons themselves after trouble with customs in Jordan, there's a surreal episode as they avoid being killed after crossing the "Triangle of Death" in Iraq. Teller's Packouz however has issues with what they're doing, a conscience that comes and goes depending on the amount of money involved and how much shit he gets from his girlfriend, they do try to make him the good guy of the piece that gets influenced into bad decision making. Their little company however is about to get a chance to make the big time when the chance to muscle in on the main players by supplying an enormous order of bullets for Afghanistan. This is going to be their downfall.
This isn't Lord of War, Cage's film shits all over this when it comes to arms dealing, but there's more than enough interesting moments to hold your attention. Phillips' comic direction background gives this a tone that belies the absurdity and greed involved here, as well as the Government stupidity in putting these sort of matters in the hands of amateurs. Although heavily dramatized, it still made you wonder about the ethics and morality of how some people make a buck.

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