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  • The Long Goodbye
  • Eraserhead
  • Days of Heaven
  • Phantasm

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  • Freaky Farley


  • A Virgin Among the Living Dead


  • Freaky Farley


Recent reviews

  • Frankenstein 1970

    Frankenstein 1970


    Always been more of a Lugosi guy but Karloff really makes this one worth watching with his Shakespearian villain routine.

    “Why did it have to be you Shooter?”

  • Blood Theatre

    Blood Theatre


    Not a lot happening here but it takes place in an old movie theatre, which is nice.

    The constant “whoosh” sound effect might have been for humour, but the moments of silence, when you know a normal film would have some music or… anything.  I like those moments.
    The majority of this film is whoosh effects and room tone. Thumbs up!

Popular reviews

  • The Mummy Theme Park

    The Mummy Theme Park

    What if Jurassic park had the production values of a theme park simulator ride?

    What if the mix of models and green screen made the cast look like giants?

    And what if mummies were on the loose instead of dinosaurs?

    You’ll find out “what if?” When you watch this film, and you should.

  • Matilda



    Carrie for kids!