Discoveries, 2018 (aka Old Movies I Saw for the First Time)

This was an average moviegoing year for me -- I saw 202 films, which is less than 300 but more than 200. I had two high points of binging this year -- Il Cinema Ritrovato in Bologna and the NYFF press screenings -- and at home I watched a lot of Hugo Haas and low budget independent noirs. The demise of MoviePass kicked me in the butt. Maybe I'll figure out a new system for next year. That being said, I was surprised when I was compiling this list how many totally rad new old movies I saw this year. As with every year, it's always refreshing to realize that there's still so much to learn.

  • Pickup
  • Dillinger
  • 99 River Street
  • Murder by Contract
  • Soft Fiction
  • On Top of the Whale
  • Two Acres of Land
  • Conflagration
  • Remember My Name
  • Tomahawk
  • Visit, or Memories and Confessions
  • Victims of Sin
  • Caravan
  • Chronicle of the Years of Fire
  • The Herd
  • The Meetings of Anna