Tenet ★★½

I know that the plot for this film has been kept under wraps to avoid spoilers, but honestly, I couldn’t spoil this film if I tried, because it’s just convoluted as fuck. 

Sure, it looks nice, Robert Pattinson seems to be the only actor having a bit of fun with his role, and the effects that are utilised are nifty, but the plot is just just overly complicated and I feel like 80% of the script is just exposition.

This meant that I could never really connect with any of the characters, especially John David Washington, “cleverly”(?) called The Protagonist in the credits, because Chris Nolan decided to be a little pretentious this time around. 

I mean, it was ok, but a total disappointment.  Can’t believe that this is the film that they think will unite audiences, because I’m sure it’s gonna be divisive.

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