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  • Hulk
  • Hereafter
  • A Cuban Fight Against Demons
  • The Blue Sky Maiden

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  • Bandits en automobile - Épisode 2: Hors-la-loi

  • Quilombo


  • Protéa

  • The Pillars of the Earth

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  • Amber Alert

    Amber Alert

    the dslr

  • Demonlover


    kind of a bummer that the contract says you’re not allowed to go this hard anymore

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  • Barbarian



    I'm not a crackhead, I'm a woman!

    you know i typically have done a great job at avoiding these kind of movies the past 5-7 years. the hacks of the world like peele, aster, ti west, garland, etc have won the game. their infatuation with derivative interpretations of canonical horror films have bred a pedantic school of filmmaking, which to their defense started in other genres where i suppose digital and analogue filmmaking lost the battle against labor shortages, resulting…

  • Knock at the Cabin

    Knock at the Cabin


    I remember the images i saw on twitter of body bags being stacked outside of hospitals, waiting for transportation to take them off site, as complimentary images of health care workers having their whole bodies and faces obscured except for their eyes when speaking into cameras that projected their purgatory to millions of screens across the world. the allegories contained in this movie about gratitude for the second chance the fortuitous throughout the world should have after the initial breakout…