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  • The Thing from Another World

    The Thing from Another World


    The first screen adaptation of Who Goes There? While Carpenter’s 1982 masterpiece gets the acclaim it deserves, it’s easy to forget how chilling and suspenseful this film is. It’s on par with Alien and Jaws as a stalking creature feature.

  • Spotlight



    Spotlight is very low key in presentation even though the events the film is covering very large and significant. It never takes these events makes them ultra grandiose and therefore manipulative. You would assume all people would be horrified at what the team is uncovering so it’s great the film did not take that direction. I loved the performances of everyone, but the standout for me was Stanley Tucci. His paranoia felt very real and as more of the coverup is uncovered you fee that paranoia as well. Spotlight is an effective newspaper film.

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  • Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

    Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay


    Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay is a comic book movie meets grindhouse. Bloody fun and it takes advantage of those tropes to the maximum. Definitely not for kids, but this is what you typically get with Task Force X.

  • Rebecca



    Rebecca is probably the best work that Hitchcock has done are far as layered and textured characters. Joan Fontaine as the second Mrs. DeWinter exudes the perfect dose of naïveté, curiosity, and eventual fortitude as a woman who is inducted into a society that ridiculed her while living up to a woman who is dead before she even meets her husband. Laurence Olivier is a man who lashes at his new wife over his insecurities and being hurt by his…