Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★½

A perfectly judged (by all involved) tale of first love and all that it entails. The cast is excellent, from the young girl (Esther Garrel) futilely in love with Timothy Chalamet's Elio right through to Michael Stuhbarg's knowing and understanding father. Armie Hammer is perfect casting and once again shows he has the talent to match his movie star looks. His Oliver is outwardly supremely confident but Hammer always allows a glimmer of vulnerability to hang around the edges, especially around Elio.

Above all, what makes Call Me by Your Name work so well is Timothy Chalamet's lead performance. His Elio is a well-drawn character- albeit of the privileged, upper-class kind- with personality strengths and flaws alike on display. Without Chalamet's beautifully aware display of someone falling in love the first time- the joy, the confusion, the doubts- the film wouldn't be nearly as good.

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