Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★

David Fincher doing a movie about psychopaths; probably one of the most strangely successful tags you could put to a film. Fincher's slick style and technical ability just seems to lend itself to producing thoroughly absorbing and involving films featuring the most nightmarish of people and plots.

I do have to say I thought Gone Girl dragged a bit towards the end. I couldn't figure out how it would end and then it seemed like it never would! But I won't let that take away from the achievement on display here as a whole, nor the work done by Fincher and Editor Kirk Baxter. Baxter, along with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross on music and DP Jeff Cronenweth, could probably be referred to as Fincher's "team" at this point. All produce work that not only compliments but at times enhances this wholly high-level film. Baxter's work to ensure the time and location is never lost on the audience, specifically in the first half of the film with the constant time shift cuts, is especially impressive and should hopefully see some recognition in the award's season.

I'd also like to point out Ben Affleck's contribution to the film. Rosamund Pike will likely get all the critical praise, and she deserves it, but with the harder role I was so impressed with Affleck's performance. This is a hard character to like and a hard character to believe, but Affleck brought this sense of dignity and assuredness to the role that meant he at no point became a villain, no matter how hard the evidence stacked up against him. With Argo Affleck had a role that perfectly suited his style but didn't make him work. Here he is definitely working, and he has never been close to as good as this.

This is a great story directed by a great director. There's not a lot more you can ask for as a film fan.

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