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  • Jacob's Ladder
  • The Killing of Satan
  • Half Baked
  • Chopping Mall

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  • Sam the Iron Bridge


  • Scarecrows


  • Planet of the Apes


  • Crimes of the Future


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  • Straight Edge Kegger

    Straight Edge Kegger


    It's like a low budget not that good version of Green Room meets You're Next, but it shows the dangers of being an annoying straight edge twat and why no one likes them at shows.

  • Fist of the North Star

    Fist of the North Star


    How did I ever forget about this one?

    The cast is so amazing, fucking RUF-I-OOOOOOOOOOOOO is in it, Malcolm McDowell, Gary Danels, Clint Howard, MArio Van Peebles, Downtown Julie Brown.

    Sure the anime, OAV, manga, and such are way better, but this is peak so cheesily bad it's good.

    Car graveyards, live action ATATATATATA you're already dead, actors that were a mainstay you forgot about, practical special effects, ACTION, poor adaptation of the source material, GARY FUCKING DANIELS, this movie…