The Sacrament ★★★★

I started reading Emma Cline's The Girls yesterday. It's basically the Charles Manson story seen through the eyes of a fourteen year old girl but with different names and such. Ti West's mockumentary The Sacrament is basically the Jonestown story, also with different names and such. I really like them both and I don't care if the similarities are obvious, as long as it's a good book or movie. I really like all the stuff West done so far and as soon as I started to read The Girls I got the urge to rewatch The Sacrament, so I took a break from the book.

The feeling of unease is with The Sacrament throughout and it never lets go, it just keeps on escalating. The mockumentary style works perfectly and the scenario feels real and is very fast-paced and intense. The cast is great and Gene Jones is brilliant as the children of the community Eden's father. The Sacrament is actually better on a rewatch and I'm sure I will revisit it more times in the future. Scary stuff!

Here's my review in swedish

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