The Night House

The Night House ★★★★½

The Night House follows a similar story that we've seen before but gives it a great uplift in today's standards. I really loved this movie and have no shame going on about it. Rebecca's performance is incredible, and I was blown away with how she was able to display the different phases of grief. From maddening high to crushing low, she was killing it.

What I loved most of all was the way the story flowed. It kept going one direction and the suddenly another direction. By learning of the final plot details, you could say this is a love story at the root of it all. Everything in the film was driven by love, and it was amazing how all of those different emotions could be captured. And with those emotions was an incredible sound team. From the score, to the silent booms, and everything in between, that perfect sound makes those obvious jumpscares actually good.

The Night House is an excellent suspense thriller that I'd say just about anyone can get into. Although, I do wish there was something a little more of story, little details, something. But, that's not a bad thing to want more, right? I feel like this movie will be a slow burn and gain popularity over time. I'd encourage that can to see this in the theater, I sure as hell had a blast.

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