It’s no secret that Vision is one of if not my favourite character ever, so I was of course really looking forward to this. 

And for the most part, it delivered. 

Of course this entire show was written around a core mystery, and for the most part, this really delivered, aided by the weekly release. Although some of it is predictable, it didn’t make the conclusions any less satisfying (with one obvious penis-joke-based exception). 

The other element I would argue that this show is built around is Wanda’s struggle. And Elizabeth Olsen did such a great job with this. Her story was so tragic and her pain was so real( and every single beat was delivered upon. 

That is until the finale - which was for the most part a big let down. They can blame this on COVID all they like, and although that does explain some of it, a lot of the issues are much more deep rooted than that. Everything involving Vision was unbiasedly amazing, but Wanda’s fight was bland and boring and ugly. So many characters were rushed over too.

For the most part though, I loved the show’s concept, the show’s message and the show’s characters. I enjoyed the different method of telling an MCU story, even if it did fall at the last hurdle.