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  • Oppenheimer



    Citywalk 70mm IMAX

    ”Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to man. For this, he was chained to a rock and tortured for eternity.”

    Nolan never lets you see the victims.
    The horrifying power of Hiroshima and Nagasaki’s mass destruction is not shown to us through grotesque images of mutilated flesh plaguing its victims, or tears as parents grieve their children, but through the face of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Oppenheimer’s reaction isn't due to him facing some realization…

  • Mission: Impossible – Fallout

    Mission: Impossible – Fallout


    "You should have killed me, Ethan. The end you’ve always feared is coming. It’s coming. And the blood will be on your hands. The Fallout of all your good intentions."

    Mission Impossible: Fallout is the best film I've ever seen.

    From the opening frame something the film restructures itself as something completely new. It dares to not only be the best film it possibly can, but to breathe new life into an already perfected series. Every moment is absolute perfection…

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  • Jaws


    Film and Worldview Class: #4

    God bless Spielberg for perfecting Blockbusters. Almost 50 years later, and still untouchable. 

    This man singlehandedly caused an entire generation to have compulsive Galeophobia, what a legend. Hopefully he won’t make a terrifying thriller about dinosaurs and the consequences of man’s ambition🤞

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  • Casablanca



    Film and Worldview Class: #3

    You ever look at a shot and think God, that looks so good. Yeah this might genuinely be the most gorgeous film i’ve ever seen. Whoever did that 4k Restoration is really doing God’s work out here 🙏

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  • Sound of Freedom

    Sound of Freedom


    Horror. Pure horror. Not a cinematic, or amplified horror. Genuine. Unbridled. Real. A film that tears you apart over and over.

    Not a word was spoken between us as we left the theater. The Sound of Freedom is one of the most terrifying films I've ever seen.

    I truly believe this is one of the most important films I’ve ever witnessed. It allows such an imperative, visceral reaction. The closest I've ever been to bursting out in a flurry of…

  • Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

    Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    IMAX Early Fan-Screening

    Mission Impossible - Dead Reckoning pt.1 is the sequel to my favorite film of all time. Did it live up to the monumental expectations set by Fallout?

    I urge you, if you haven't seen the film, please don't read any further. You won't want this spoiled for you.

    Please note that this is a very "first impressions" style review. I am planning on rewatching soon(hopefully in a few days!), and am planning on doing an extensive review…