What Is It?

unable to truly rate this until I read up on the ethos behind it and discover some more info about what goes on at Crispin Glover’s Q&A sessions but if you want my isolated thoughts, I think it succeeds in terms of how freakishly bizarre and uncomfortable to watch it is but presentation/sound-wise it’s irritating and completely asinine (which I’m sure is 100% intentional), not to mention the cryptic racism, liberal use of violence against snails, and exploitation of actors with Down syndrome is all in extremely poor taste. if there’s a point to be made here I don’t know where or what it is (although reading Glover’s essay on Spielberg definitely puts some ideas into my head) but I suppose that’s where Glover’s Q&A comes into play; like Cory said, even if I wasn’t particularly fond of this, I wouldn’t be opposed to viewing it under normal circumstances if that makes it any easier to digest because contextually it’s very fascinating 

also I will say for a film as ugly as this it certainly didn’t help that I watched it bleary-eyed at 2 AM in 240p

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