Eternals ★★★★

Score : 8.1/10 ✅

2021 is a year where there’s a good chunk of movies that divided both Critics and casual audience, The Green Knight, Malignant and Annette are three that comes to mind where the reception from the Critics was the strongest, on the other side of the coin where general audience tends to want more fun out of their price of admission, prefer movies like Mortal Kombat, Hitman’s Wife Bodyguard, Conjuring : The Devil Made Me Do It and Fast & Furious 9, which is understandable considering people who don’t watch a lot of movies seek conventional troops & having a good time over trying to dissect every movies like it’s a god-damn frog. Where my surprise comes from with Eternals is how a movie so mature with its theme and so avant-gardist in its presentation got destroyed by the critics while the general audience is starting to praise for its ambitious grandiosity, are we living in an upside-world and I didn’t get the memo?

For my part, Eternals was fairly enjoyable and felt completely different which is always, and always will be, a good thing so the fact that this MCU variety show of super-hero kind of feel non-MCU at times was surprisingly refreshing but I guess that will be the perfect approach to get if you want to be ‘wowed’ by the hugeness of it.

Director Chloé Zhao had the gigantic task to delivers something larger-than-life here, in just under 2 hours and 37 minutes, we have 10 new heroes to get-to-know, plenty of new lore to understand and if it wasn’t enough, we are going back-in-forth in time to make us comprehend the implication of everyone’s involved. I’ll admit; it’s a lot to take in but I respect the commitment here. The world is excited to visit through the lenses of each Eternals and everyone got their time to shines which was my number one issue before watching it so let’s say I’m satisfied.

Obviously, where my attention was at its full peak was the action scenes, they are not only great but absolutely legendary in terms of scale and epicness. As a whole, Eternals is a movie about 10 individuals crew first and foremost, so I considered the job’s done by showing how they work great as team as leaning towards the broken family facet as well.

I’m sure they were some talk to convergent this movie either into a mini-series or a two-part feature film (like Dune) but the ambition to do this movie all under 3 hours is still impressive, but the real question that remains is: Did it work? I guess it will all depends on the future of the Phase 4 and beyond, if the future movies/series are interesting enough to tie everything together, I can see Eternals regains popularity in a foreseeable future.

But as for now, Eternals does not deserve that over hated and those underwhelming reviews, almost like the same people who asks for something different out of the MCU are again here to say that it wasn’t enough MCU to their own taste, I’m pretty sure Kevin Feige is doing a seizure while watching that Rottentomatoes score dropping for no explanation reason, don't worry I'm here Kev' to back you up.

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