John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum ★★★★½

[Score given in 2019]: 9.2/10 ✅

Score on rewatch: 9.1/10 ✅

A bit more tactical when it comes to gunfight and has the tendency to focused more on various forms of Jujitsu but hey, you gotta love the variety of this franchise. Not only that, but some goons are getting horse-kick in the teeth and we’ve got a motorcycle-katana fight scene. Can’t say no to this. So solidly satisfying to revisit.

Saw John Wick Chapter 3 back in 2019 with a packed house of people cheering at several ‘cool’ segments (especially the knives sequence, pretty sure I accidently shout out an ‘oh my god’ very loud at some point). So, in some way, I keep great memories of Chapter 3. Anyway, I’m saying this since rewatching 4 years later without a crowd made me realize how some parts are narratively weak.

Feel like they are quickly created so we can be back into the action in one way or another. The desert scene is the perfect example of this. So basically, when you think about it, John Wick Chapter 3 is going from point A to point B to point C for being told to go back (again) to Point A.

I know, I know, we are all here for the action but it feels like John Wick is yes, at its strongest in Chapter 3 but also less vulnerable. And I love vulnerability. The lack of it, and the lack of being gravely injured is a bit too apparent.

Other than that, it’s an excellent action film. A bit more ambitious than Chapter 2 in terms of trying different action-pieces. Loved the first 25 and last 30 minutes very much. The amount of action is more than delectable. John Wick realizing that he has to adjust his gunplay to kill these bad guys with heavy body armor is a glorious achievement in Cinema. How to give quick-learner and proficient character trait to our main character while he’s shooting his way under the span of 5 seconds.

Genuinely epic. Bravo. Now ready for Chapter 4 tonight 🤝

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