Lamb ★★★★

Score : 8.1/10 ✅

You know A24 went too far when a character shout out a genuine ‘’What the fuck is this?’’.

There’s a lot to process here, Lamb is a challenging film for various reasons, for instance the main criticism that you are going to find is how slow, uneventful and boring the movie is, which seems fair considering it’s the quietest movie of 2021 that contains barely 50 lines of dialogue.

From my perspective, this is a solid entry to A24’s catalogue, there’s some resemblance between Lamb and It Comes at Night (2017) in terms of tone and build-up but ultimately, I believe Lamb can stand on its own, it’s really its own thing. Apparently, the trailer tries to sold this movie as this mega horror experience that will ‘shook you to your core’, which is sadly a misdirection, casual audience will definitely hate this movie so much.

Where Lamb wins me over is how original, unique and weirdly disturbing the movie is, it’s uncanny yet gorgeous to look at (seriously those Iceland mountains and landscapes were incredibly beautiful), there’s even a thin line between being unintentionally and intentionally funny at times, but I’m seriously impressed by how emotional invested I was by the end. Like I said, the fact that the film pushes more the humanization of Ada instead of the disgustingly conception of what we would have thought of, was a great way to get invested in this strange slow family drama.

Lamb works as being very atmospheric, it goes from relaxing mood to eerie feeling frame by frame with so much transparency, kind of weird to say this but as the movie progressed, I was glued to the screen and I was enjoying the film very much for some unclear reasons. I actually believe it contains a ton of symbolism and metaphors, but what I do know is how the theme of tragedy, loss and grief does come full circle in the strangest way. On a side note, the third chapter was my favourite.

All in all, the fact that this film is distributed by A24 shouldn’t be a surprise when we look at the final product, and even more when we take a look at the reviews, but at this point the uncomfortable, tense, weird and eerie vibes that these movies are aiming for are basically their signature and I totally embrace it. Bring some more strangeness and close-up of Lambs eating grass, I’m all for it.

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