Pickman's Model

Pickman's Model ★★

Score : 4.5/10 ✅

Episode 5 out of 8 from Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

I’ve never been on board with a concept like this while simultaneously being extremely uninterested (and confused?) in a film ever. It’s not that Pickman’s Model is the worst thing ever done in an anthology but it’s pretty damn close. It’s just….an attack to my personal free time. I'll be simple: I didn't like it.

Like I said, let’s say the first 10 minutes were great in almost every way. The setting, the slow mystery building up and mixing of arts and madness was, in my opinion, great ideas. Then, the rest of the film (unfortunately) happens. I don’t know exactly why…but the execution of the script, the utilization of the horror elements and the confusing time jumps were not used properly. The whole thing just falls flat once I understand the movie wasn’t going to fulfill any of its goals.

A giant disappointment and a massive waste of resources from my point of view. At least, I can write a review under 200 words for once. I’ll take it.

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